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Erotic Massage or  Sensual massage it is knowing as the therapeutic relaxing  erotic sensual  massage , sins people are able to try to bring each other  pleasure, touch of and sensual tough originated, probably at that moment when one partner expressed his willingness to devote a few minutes of his life for satisfaction of another person.

Therefore, speaking about the origins of sensual massage in its modern sense, we use a much more recent data.

Asian School of has its roots in such well-known techniques as Tantra Yoga, Kama Sutra and the Tao of love. This is now the modern laws in most countries spend quite a clear distinction between the sensual caresses and their logical extension.

This, for example, such principles  how to make a contact with a partner on an emotional level (it was impossible to touch a woman until,  you feel the

In an Sensual Technology of China, known to us as the Tao of love just used the elements of massage, associated with exposure to the point.   For the Chinese, it was very important to prevent the premature ejaculation in men, and they have identified several points, the impact on which prolong sexual intercourse up to several hours.   In addition, the Chinese have practiced special training, as a partner, and without it, the aim of which was control over the erection, its duration and intensity.

Indian Kama Sutra postures in addition to the diversity contributed to the culture of erotic notions such as aromatic and stimulating oil. A huge variety of vegetable oils is not only for aesthetic and recreational purposes, but it is kind of a means of communication when a particular scent or the way of applying oil certain desire or suggestion for further action. Later, to insure a separate type of massage Tantric Sensual  or Sensual Kundalini  Massage, where the palette of oils and how they overlap play a decisive role. The unique culture of Japan offers one of the most exotic types of Shunga Erotic massage. Several hundred years ago the word referred to the art of beautiful woman associate. The resulting “living pictures” required a certain amount of expertise from the artist, the whole set of a variety of pitches, a few hours, and the current is the existence of a specific plan, which linked the woman, was represented. Incidentally, this art has followers in modern Japan.

As for the European school of massage, then it move to intimate relationships and achieving orgasm is no longer a logical extension.   Here, the main significance such principles as obtaining new tactile sensations, the removal of psychological stress, awareness of the possibility of harmony between the masculine and feminine.   European massage more focused on relaxation and serenity, is quite pronounced medical and psychological component, which does not hide the fact that there exists in certain laws and requires a large distance between the masseur and the client.

A modern interpretation of Celtic massage is a work in a sauna, when working with a client and a man and a woman.   This man makes a strong power massage, floating broom, using a sharp temperature drop, salt rubs the customer, a woman washes away salt, rubbed with honey and all kinds of trying to go for a client the whole procedure.   Thus, even an inexperienced person can stand up to an hour in the sauna, which is the minimum necessary for the session.

Togo massages from South Africa and is used in some European countries because of its pronounced exotic.   Initially, this massage is done by girl, who was rubbing his feet when the a man lie back on a leaves of aloe which are known for their biogenic stimulating properties, and the criterion of the correctness of massage is the degree of softness of the leaves.   Currently in Europe, aloe leaves are no longer used, but the technique of footwork brought to such perfection that is almost impossible to distinguish it from the work of his hands.

The client lies on the hot sand or pebbles (in some cases, used semi-precious stones), listens to the sound of the surf and the cries of gulls.

More than 50 different effects on the skin, following one another in a certain order, to significantly expand the boundaries of erotic sensuality.

It is based on the theory of the existence of a certain kind of memory in some parts of the human body, which is initiated by different mental states.

In Thai massage, there are at least 4 ways to simulate a sexual act, when feeling the client, if he closes his eyes, no different from the actual experiences with intimacy and  In centric massage uses techniques that women can only be done when she is in a very high degree of excitation.   This is her condition to the client by special methods, and there were such cases, able to bring him to orgasm, even when he lies on his stomach.   In some cases, the temperature drop on certain parts of the body of man is capable of inducing sustained excitement, although this process generally does not involve physical contact. And while our experts do not perform actions specifically aimed at achieving an orgasm, this pleasant state is not considered a rarity here.

The modern world with its crazy dynamics of constantly brings changes in all spheres of human life and erotic massage is no exception if a few decades ago it seemed as exotic and not so decent game, but now the international community takes erotic massage as a full-fledged component of the overall sexual culture.  And if this process is the creative inspiration and will leave enthusiasts, the erotic massage will be an art form, which means that we guarantee satisfaction.

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