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Welcome to Sensual Massage London,
If you like how to feel blissful , relaxed and awake your sensual , sexual, erotic senses and feel power which can dramatically improve your life at any ways as physical , mental, spiritual and improve your all relationship’s with your self and others as you will learning and experience your own inner energy which could give emotions and sensual senses you can not image before.
You will also improve your staid of mind as you will experience connection and vibrate with world inner and around you, as you will be sensually , sexual, spiritually a weak throw Sacred, Sensual Massage, Tantra and Tantric Massage, Sensuous massage, Erotic massage , Kundalini Massage, Relaxing full body massage , Body to Body massage, Kundalini Massage, Lingam massage, Yoni Massage, Prostate Massage Nuru Massage ..

Sensual Massage In London where trained masseuses touch you at your deepest level, aligning your spirituality with your physical and creating the ultimate intimate euphoric experience.

Sensual massage is both beautiful and therapeutic. It has been used for many centuries as a way of relieving stress and fatigue and can help with health issues and emotional problems by using the body’s energy to help heal itself.

At the same time a sensual massage awakens every sense, reaching to the core of the body and radiating out towards the skin surface allowing the receiver to enjoy their own very personal explosion of sexual consciousness that cannot be experienced by the mere physical act of sex.

Sensual Massage is massage service with massage therapist who are  independent charming, fun very attractive and high classy, very friendly to persons sensitive to your needs, we are masseuses who are very experienced and well trained as massage and beauty therapist , body work therapist and Tantric massage therapist who know combination of eastern and western massages technique with combination of knowledge and experience over many years working in the best worlds Spa’s and Luxurious Cruise Ships and immeasurable knowledge from study and practicing including Taoist Tantra from ancient China, Tantra and Ayurveda from ancient India, Shaman Indian traditions from North America and Shaman spiritual traditions from  different part of world include mother land Kamchatka ( north of Japan and south of Alaska) and sacred sensual tough from ancient Babylon.

We have combined these secrets and practices with the most recent research on sexuality from universities and therapists throughout the Russia, Netherlands, America, India, South America and UK and read and studied extensively with numerous authors and teachers in this field.

Sensual Massage is a massage service for TANTRIC MASSAGES, all Massages with we providing is therapeutics and very profound unforgettable tantric , sensual and erotic and healing experience, which give full relaxation and spiritual Sensual experience for body and mind , our treatments maximizing pleasure and Intimacy by-Unleashing The Power of Touch
Sensual massage, due to its sensual nature can be interpreted as sexual experience. When having a sensual massage most men and women do feel sexually aroused, this is perfectly okay, as we are all sexual beings.
Sensual massage allows you to be open with your sexual feelings allowing deeper healing on other levels.
Imagine: a relaxed far off dreamy feeling, languor. That delicious sense of relaxation and well-being, achieved without drugs or alcohol. A dimensional space where there is nothing to do other than simply be… and enjoy the pleasure of your own body.
Our sensual massage services are designed to take your mind and body to a new level of consciousness where it is possible to achieve a total and complete state of pleasure and relaxation.

Sensual Massage service focus to help on release muscular tension, throw stimulation and manipulation special pressure points , erogenous zone and work and comby all level as we employ a verity of both western and eastern techniques to able touch levels as emotional, physical, sensual and sexual .
We will use all massage techniques as deep tissue , Hawaiian Lomi- Lomi massage swedish massage, Chackra balancing massage, chinese meridians , erotic massage or sensuous massage, Tantric massage, kundalini massage, Lingam massage , Yoni massage, Aurvedic massage, foot reflexology it will also include indian head massage and prostate massage, we use of all massage stile to helps you bodies to get in a more relaxed state of meditation, releasing the tensions of the day.  Whilst the action of Sensual Massage is taking place, it releases endorphins, which are natural pain killers. Thats why with our sensual massage you will feel natural bliss and ecstasy
We are  Certified Tantric Practitioners, Licensed in Massage and a Sacred Sensual Educator, touch therapists, intuitive healers, Certified Tantric Practitioners, healers who practice yoga, meditation, SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy
As we use our special hands of light and other systems of healing and empowerment. Here you will find valuable experience of pleasure and spiritual awakening
We can show you how to prolong and intensify your , release what holds you from your birthright of limitless pleasure!

We incorporate Sound , Massage, Tantra, Kundalini energy sacred touch, mantra , breathing techniques , meditation  and erotic techniques, enhancing the experience.
We have lovely InCall accommodations West London , We can do to your home/office/hotel for slightly more, as it requires additional time/cost to travel.

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