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Erotic Massage or  Sensual massage it is knowing as the therapeutic relaxing  erotic sensual  massage , sins people are able to try to bring each other  pleasure, touch of and sensual tough originated, probably at that moment when one partner expressed his willingness to devote a few minutes of his life for satisfaction of another person.

Therefore, speaking about the origins of sensual massage in its modern sense, we use a much more recent data.

Asian School of has its roots in such well-known techniques as Tantra Yoga, Kama Sutra and the Tao of love. This is now the modern laws in most countries spend quite a clear distinction between the sensual caresses and their logical extension.

This, for example, such principles  how to make a contact with a partner on an emotional level (it was impossible to touch a woman until,  you feel the

In an Sensual Technology of China, known to us as the Tao of love just used the elements of massage, associated with exposure to the point.   For the Chinese, it was very important to prevent the premature ejaculation in men, and they have identified several points, the impact on which prolong sexual intercourse up to several hours.   In addition, the Chinese have practiced special training, as a partner, and without it, the aim of which was control over the erection, its duration and intensity.

Indian Kama Sutra postures in addition to the diversity contributed to the culture of erotic notions such as aromatic and stimulating oil. A huge variety of vegetable oils is not only for aesthetic and recreational purposes, but it is kind of a means of communication when a particular scent or the way of applying oil certain desire or suggestion for further action. Later, to insure a separate type of massage Tantric Sensual  or Sensual Kundalini  Massage, where the palette of oils and how they overlap play a decisive role. The unique culture of Japan offers one of the most exotic types of Shunga Erotic massage. Several hundred years ago the word referred to the art of beautiful woman associate. The resulting “living pictures” required a certain amount of expertise from the artist, the whole set of a variety of pitches, a few hours, and the current is the existence of a specific plan, which linked the woman, was represented. Incidentally, this art has followers in modern Japan.

As for the European school of massage, then it move to intimate relationships and achieving orgasm is no longer a logical extension.   Here, the main significance such principles as obtaining new tactile sensations, the removal of psychological stress, awareness of the possibility of harmony between the masculine and feminine.   European massage more focused on relaxation and serenity, is quite pronounced medical and psychological component, which does not hide the fact that there exists in certain laws and requires a large distance between the masseur and the client.

A modern interpretation of Celtic massage is a work in a sauna, when working with a client and a man and a woman.   This man makes a strong power massage, floating broom, using a sharp temperature drop, salt rubs the customer, a woman washes away salt, rubbed with honey and all kinds of trying to go for a client the whole procedure.   Thus, even an inexperienced person can stand up to an hour in the sauna, which is the minimum necessary for the session.

Togo massages from South Africa and is used in some European countries because of its pronounced exotic.   Initially, this massage is done by girl, who was rubbing his feet when the a man lie back on a leaves of aloe which are known for their biogenic stimulating properties, and the criterion of the correctness of massage is the degree of softness of the leaves.   Currently in Europe, aloe leaves are no longer used, but the technique of footwork brought to such perfection that is almost impossible to distinguish it from the work of his hands.

The client lies on the hot sand or pebbles (in some cases, used semi-precious stones), listens to the sound of the surf and the cries of gulls.

More than 50 different effects on the skin, following one another in a certain order, to significantly expand the boundaries of erotic sensuality.

It is based on the theory of the existence of a certain kind of memory in some parts of the human body, which is initiated by different mental states.

In Thai massage, there are at least 4 ways to simulate a sexual act, when feeling the client, if he closes his eyes, no different from the actual experiences with intimacy and  In centric massage uses techniques that women can only be done when she is in a very high degree of excitation.   This is her condition to the client by special methods, and there were such cases, able to bring him to orgasm, even when he lies on his stomach.   In some cases, the temperature drop on certain parts of the body of man is capable of inducing sustained excitement, although this process generally does not involve physical contact. And while our experts do not perform actions specifically aimed at achieving an orgasm, this pleasant state is not considered a rarity here.

The modern world with its crazy dynamics of constantly brings changes in all spheres of human life and erotic massage is no exception if a few decades ago it seemed as exotic and not so decent game, but now the international community takes erotic massage as a full-fledged component of the overall sexual culture.  And if this process is the creative inspiration and will leave enthusiasts, the erotic massage will be an art form, which means that we guarantee satisfaction.



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Tantra is that Asian body of beliefs and practices which, working from the principle that the universe we experience is nothing other than the concrete manifestation of the divine energy Tantra  Sanskrit Weave denoting continuity anglicised tantricism or tantrism) or tantram is a philosophy according to which Shakti  is usually the main deity  worshiped, and the universe is regarded as the divine play of Shakti and Shiva

Tantra is an ancient that of meditation and self discovery. Tantra is the divine love union of energy and consciousness, of sexuality and spirituality, and the male and female principles in all us.
The word Tantra is Sanskrit and means “method of going beyond”Tantra is a beautiful path of meditation using the body and the senses to bring us into the now… the state of bliss that revealed in the body, mind and spirit when we are fully present… in the moment.
You could say that tantra is simply awareness meditation that uses anything and everything you do in life as a method to become present and aware in the moment.
Awareness and presence during any act can transport the soul to a dimension where you have a consciousness experience of the bliss of being connected to the whole.
According to Tibetan Buddhist Tantric master Lama Thubten Yeshe:  each one of us is a union of all universal energy. Everything that we need in order to be complete is within us right at this very moment. It is simply a matter of being able to recognize it. This is the Tantric approach.

In Sensual Massagelondon you can make appointment for and experience amazing discovery about you wonderful body and mind after treatment Sensual Kundalini Massage you will be feeling deeper connection with  your inner Self and the Universe.

The Sensual Kundalini Massage will bring you awareness of presence which will be experiencing like bliss and peaceful sensation through all your body and mind.

Because in Sensual Kundalini Massage treatment we will be use Tantra meditation intensive breathing techniques  and remove all blockages and dis-balance.

Tantra meditation gives methods that allow this conscious realization to be experienced in everyday  life acts. The Tantra meditation themselves don’t necessarily create the experience but they create condition within ourselves for this experience to happen.

The first written record of tantra is know through the teaching of Shiva, and enlightened master who lived about 5000 years ago in India. He developed 112 methods of meditation where you can enter the state of feeling at one with all that is being connected to the whole and experience intimacy with all things.

His path not exclude love or sex as a spiritual practice.

Thanta doesn’t exclude anything … it embraces everything that happens in life(including sex) as a possibility to be in meditation with.

Tantra uses the 5 physical senses and body as the gateway to this dimension where you have the conscious experience of the bliss and ecstasy of being connected to the whole.

Tantra doesn’t not offer any structured beliefs or philosophy. It simply proposes methods of meditation. It is up to each individual to experiment with these methods and discover there own truth.

Each method is aimed precisely at particular aspect of the body, psyche, or soul. Each person will have there own unique experience and will be affected in different ways then another.

Tantra is not just about sex.. contrary to the rampant commercialized western marketing of tantra. Only a few of the 112 methods divine by Shiva actually address the spiritual aspect of lovemaking.

Real tantra meditation offer something entirely different but truly amazing.. and truly ecstatic and blissful…

Then you have a lot of the services start advertising “TANTRA” session trying to sound exotic and different and intriguing and mysterious in an effort to get more clients but they  have no real clue what TANTRA is.

So the misconceptions continue to compound with more and more clueless people “educating” other clueless people till it is so convoluted now that no one is really sure what tantra is and think anything sexual or intimate is “tantric’ or thinking it is the Kama Sutra or prostate massage also marketed as “sacred spot massage” or something like that…

But real tantra is very powerful meditation or any other modality, is something that you do on your own… a state of awareness or consciousness that you alone experience. You could be engaged in a sensual or intimate activity and be in meditation but you’re the one experiencing the awareness.

Tantra meditation is the awareness and the presence that you yourself have during any act with any thing…

In Sensual Massage in London we provide  full body massage which help for you bring this blissful awareness of  peace and harmony.

Through our Sensual Kundalini massage and tantra meditation you will feel after first treatment deep relaxation and harmony.

Sensual  Kundalini massage in London treatment is the ultimate stress reliever. Your will feel relaxed throughout the experience. Sensual massage tickles the senses, it shows the recipient the promises of unbridled passion if ever it is unleashed.
Although it holds back to emphasize the emotional over the physical, it can promote heightened sensuality.
Sensual massage in  London W2 is amazing experience please call for appointments +44 75 9002-9003


Sensual Massage

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Sensual Massage  services which we provide is a massage treatments which are deep relaxing Sensual  Experience our treatments   maximizing  pleasure and Intimacy by-Unleashing The Power of Touch

Could countless generations be wrong when they cultivated the art of body massage, developing it as a means of physical medicine for the body and a powerful relaxing experience for the mind?

New ways of providing sensual massage to a body had also been developed in ancient cultures around the world as they cultivated massage as a form of medicine and healing for the well being of a person’s mind and body.

The human mind and body are constantly exposed to stress, and as we know stress dulls the mind and senses. It is simply – sensory overload and the and mind and body shut down to compensate. By taking the time  for your self to experiencing Sensual Massage or  Kundalini Massage ot Tantric Massage  at our studio  you will feeling to envelope your  body with amazing sensations and discovering  how you could reduce  stress levels , lift mood, create a sizzling sensual erotic experience, give incredible pleasure, and induce a state of the deepest relaxation. All while exploring every inch of your body.


Within this deep and profound relaxation – touch, pleasure, intimacy, sensuality and arousal were all increased 10, 20, 50x over.

I’m sure you’ll amazed of Sensual  Massage experience and , that physical and emotional pleasure is a wonderful conduit to relaxation, great health, glow, vitality and intimacy. The exploration of new ideas and the expansion of the mind is what makes us grow. New experiences give us the opportunities to add to the quality and depth of our lives.

Sensual massage is something that more and more man and woman are discovering as a way to not only relax, but to find the joys and highs of being intimate with someone they love and trust through an sensual erotic massage. In the Tantric Texts, it is specified that sex has three distinct and separate purposes; procreation, pleasure and liberation.

It says that those who want to seek liberation must forget the orgasm for a higher form of ecstasy. Throughout the texts, many sexual rituals are recommended and they involve elaborate and meticulous preparations. This is because the act of Tantra involves balancing energies within the panic ida and pin-gala channels of the body. During the act of tantra, the subhuman nadi is awakened and the kundalini rises within it. When this happens, everything culminates in Samadhi where the individuals are completely dissolved in the unity of cosmic consciousness. Now what does this have to do with this Kundalini massage,
Well, to understand what this  Sensual   Massage,  Sensual Kundalini  massage is, you need to understand what  Tantra massage is.

In Tantric massages, it is important to stress the need to relax, slow down and admire every inch of the body. It is important to understand that this massage is not only for pleasure, but it has several health benefits for the man and  woman, including stress-reduction. When the man has suffered through a long day of work and needs a way to unwind, there is no better way than this. Through the Sensual massage, stress can decrease greatly and feelings of well-being and pleasure will overwhelm the body. As many doctors will tell you, this is a great way to help heal the body as the human body heals much better when it is happy, rather than depressed, stressed or sad.

–  If  you are  looking for that magic ingredient to take your love making to a new level?

–  If you frustrated with the bedroom etiquette – and want more pleasure, intimacy, excitement, sensuality and eroticism? (and no – it is not the same thing as having sex!)

– Do you desire to be a great lover?

-And be expert of the  body? The feelings and touches ?

– Do you want to feel real intimacy, experience healing touch, and deepen the love and communication you have – or would like to have – for your partner?

–  Do you know how to get your lover – mind, body and soul, to crave your essence?

Yes with the treatments which we provide in Sensual Massage in London Center you will learning how to feel those sensual feelings , How to bring awareness about your sensual kundalini energy

You will learning appreciate you body and receiving great pleasure from Sensual Massage in London.

You will be Learning to be aware of your breathing

Learning to see sexuality as spiritual and removing guilt from sexuality.

You will be Learning you are the source of your own pleasure and honoring yourself.

You will be identify as Peace  -Beauty- Love. Bliss is Eternal, even though it appears to arise when the mind quiet.bliss is not an experience , it is your nature. You will Learning to create the “sacred” space and time to have the sex and relationship you want.

You will Learning communication skills as they apply to sexuality and the spiritual experience .

You will Learning how to get connected with your bodily experiences again and making them new.

Getting in shape so you can be comfortable with you self and your partner.

You will Learning about your Chakras (”energy organs”) and becoming aware of prana (”universal life force”)

You will feel amazing powerful  Channeling energy up the “Inner flute” or chakra path to achieve ecstasy

Taking the time to know about your body and sexual sensations.

The Sensual   Massage or Sensual  Kundalini massage will be done with loving caring hands and hot oil it is also combing our experience and all technique together which makes this amazing sensual massage with long gentle entourages like weaves in the sea , and flowing with total energy, using the long continuous, flowing strokes, combined with the very loving touch, The massage is given in fluid, rhythmic motion using the forearms as well as the hands. and alternate kneading treatment techniques very unique, gentle , soft and it give deep relaxing for man and woman, relaxation from toes to toe. Instead a great emphasis seems to be on learning to accept pleasure and not feel guilty. This may be very useful if someone has a lot of shame issues, but since I don’t it rather annoyed me to read it was okay all the time.

I wanted to scream out, “Well of COURSE it is okay!”

If you do have a belief in Chakras (as I do) then it is really important to understand they are much like our other organs. Would you do something that would involve altering your kidneys without knowing the dangers? I don’t think so. Here we advocating doing all sorts of work with your Chakras without any concept of what can go wrong or how to correct it if it does.

If you harm yourself it can have very devastating and long lasting or possibly permanent results that could potentially destroy your ability to feel a lot of pleasure at all. Kundalini a particular type of ecstasy in tantra in which you basically become  one with the universal energy. Learning to be aware of your breathing. Learning to see sexuality as spiritual and removing guilt from sexuality. Learning you are the source of your own pleasure and honoring yourself, all this you can do by us.

Sensual massage in London , we look forward to meet you at our place we also do out calls 075-9002-9003 Bayswater road W2

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Sensual Kundalini Massage

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Sensual Kundalini Massage, After over 10 years practicing massage therapy and with the experience we developed amazing gifts of healing and we do massage with amazing non describable joyful energy, of cause you ask what is it The Kundalini?

And I would like to explain to you what is it Kundalini  massage is, but i am afraid it would be not correct to explain in words what is Kundalini Massage mean, I will say what are people say about Kundalini massage   technique, but it is the same like, I can describing  how tasty is this ice cream, but until you will not try your self you will do not understated the sensation and taste in your mouth and not will  have satisfying feeling in your stomach. OK I will try to in short say  about Kundalini massage    and what is combines a variety of scientifically and empirically developed massage techniques and uses the Kundalini Energy to heal deep parts of energy blocks caused by stress and past traumas that are stored in the deeper tissue of the body.

The massage therapist who has learned how to prepare with a very deep connection using the great method of Ulterior Kundalini Healing applies the Sensual Kundalini massage technique. To best facilitate healing, I am will be working with the intention of positively affecting health and well-being. The techniques include holding, causing movement, and/or applying pressure through stroking the body in a series of actions that are systematic and rhythmic in nature.

Sensual Massage in London it is Touch.  Music.  Beauty.  Love. Every experience that stirs the heart and soul is actually a bridge between the sensory and the supra sensory: A loving look, a harmonious melody, a fragrant flower, warm gentle touch,

– They all stimulate a sense

It would seem that the profound spiritual event that would be intimate and resonant, without needing to relay on a spectacular display of fireworks.
Human touch, gentle sensual massage is like breathing or eating or dancing.
Sensual Massage is deep relaxing sensual experience which are very gentle relaxing massage, we know that it must have happened continuously throughout history, but it is almost impossible to get an accurate idea of precisely what was being done.
Physical pleasure is a sensual experience no different from pure seeing or the pure sensation with which a fine fruit fills the tongue; it is a great unending experience, which is given us, a knowing of the world, the fullness and the glory of all knowing…
The Human being is a very complex organism. We a physical body, an emotional response, an intellect and a spiritual aspect. We cannot ignore any one of these four elements. If we try to we are less than complete, less then perfect, less then whole. We need to look after our body, exercise it, and feed it well and properly. We need to recognize our emotions, enjoy them, experience them, enrich and enhance them. Our intellect needs to be stimulated, challenged, expanded, increased and worked. Our spirituality needs to be expressed, nurtured and incorporated into our daily lives. If we try to cut out any one of these aspects we can make ourselves seriously ill or depressed.
Human happiness involves a constant search for an expression of these elements, a way of bringing them into harmony with each other, of utilizing them and improving them. Often that happiness fails if we ignore any of these aspects. The intellectual will denigrate emotional responses. The emotional type will neglect their mental powers. The athlete will fail to recognize the enormous power of their mind.

The spiritual person will try to deny their physical body. Each will have a less then satisfactory relationship, by uniting; by implementing a holistic approach can we truly rise higher, and attain perfection. Sensual Massage is a unique way of achieving this perfection Sensual Tantric Massage attempts to:

STIMULATE the intellect by research study and education?

ROUSE the emotions by increasing satisfaction and pleasure?

ENCOURAGE and promote spiritual development and growth?

Sensual Kundalini Massage is for anyone who genuinely wants to know how to make their spiritual and sexual live better and to change the focus of sex, sexual from an unconscious pleasure-based one to a conscious spiritual-based one. But within that spiritually based focus there is also plenty of room for increasing pleasure

Sensual Massage in London experience will improve your:

-Feelings of sexual experience and technique?

– You will have more control over your life?

-Have more fun and pleasure?

– Unite your with your sexuality and spirituality?

– Improve your emotional responses?

– Encourage and stimulate your intellectual approach to sensual life matters?

– Give you more understanding about sexuality and sensuality?

Tantric Sensual Massage which we perform in our centre is it about experiencing the energy – sexual sensual energy if you like – that we can moving within us, recharging, enervating, powering and vitalizing us.

This energy- known as KUNDALINI by Hindus – is what we are setting out to experience, to know, to bring forth and enjoy. What we are seeking to do is unite the sexual energy with the spiritual energy, simultaneously. There may be other ways of doing this but the experiencing Sensual Kundalini Massage in our center is very amazing gentle, easy, enjoyable, pleasurable and healing experience.

It is work you feel immediately after first treatment clarity peace and blissful sensation in your mind and body

– Improves sexual performance and the spirituality is enhanced?

-You will go a long way towards achieving that perfection, that total holistic union of the mind body, spirit and emotions