Erotic Massage

Posted by Angelika under Erotic Massage on Wednesday Jun 2, 2010

Erotic massage helps relieve the effects of stress; various psychological brake, release the body and allow you to get the full benefit.

Erotic massage is not necessarily preceded by sexual intercourse. From the massage can be no less pleasure. It allows you to feel the excitement of each cell of the body.

There is a special healing erotic pressure point massage, which helps people who for some reason a long time who did not have sexual relations, and to release sexual energy.

Erotic massage involves the phase of relaxation, excitement and orgasm or mild sedation.

According to observations by professional masseurs, erotic massage is usually bought men, but most in need of women who hide their sexual problems, cannot fully release their sensuality. Try the house to learn some techniques of erotic massage. A sensual blend of essential oils added to massage oil, many times and add to its effect and allow you to achieve results. Erotic massage will help partners better feel the body from each other, give each other pleasure and make a fresh breath in intimate relationships.

Do not think that erotic massage involves the impact on the erogenous zones. On the contrary, apart from the fact that you know where they are a partner, and you’ll find that in the capable hands in the erogenous zone will turn the whole body. The difference between an erotic massage from the usual – his rhythm. Every body has its own internal rhythm.  If you feel the rhythm of a partner – well, so be it, if not yet, set the pace, and soon you will discover intuitively the one that need. Home zone massage – back, including the upper part of the buttocks.

Use touch back partner from the bottom up along the spine from the waist to the shoulders and armpits, rub his back with his hands in a circular, spiral-shaped movements and sawing motion across the body.

In the lumbar region and sacrum apply a more intense effect. In addition to stroking and rubbing, apply here intensive “cutting” edge of his hand, rubbing his fist, vibration palm with a strong pressure on the skin.

Stop the beat – a warm heated palm on the sacrum, stop for 10-15 seconds. And slowly, out of rhythm spend a few circular strokes back, as if spreading the energy throughout the body. Massage should not be lengthy, the best time – 5-10 minutes. Erotic point massage – skill, which in two words do not say, and which in the East girls are taught from childhood. But some secrets may be applied and “unprofessional” amateur, Let us only once we discard tips from popular pornographic literature, as well as spread than genitals. It just goes against the principles of erotic massage. Instead of fine revival sensuality you offer gross stimulation of animal sexuality.  Zone application to which a sensual mixture will help to awaken emotions – neck, back of the neck, shoulders, arms, back, tips of fingers. Find the point, which is located at the middle line of the abdomen just above the edge of the pubic bone. Measured light pressure on this point can cause an erection. Women are also very sensitive to this point. If it is to stimulate sensual rubbing mixture can enhance orgasm. The middle line the stomach from that point to the navel is generally distinguished sensitivity. Use this simple secret, and you get more pleasure from intimacy, and another secret. You’ve probably heard that there are points on the feet, which are projections of all the organs of the body. For the area of the brain responsible toes of the foot. Massage partner fingers wide variety of movements – warming up, squeezing pulsating movements, pull, bend and unbend. Put all your fingers between your palms and rub. With special attention to treat the big toe, it could cause a surge of desire. Zones foot reflex associated with the sexual sphere, can be found as follows: Spend a thumb from a point just below the inner ankle, and down towards the middle of the foot, put your finger on the lateral surface of the heel just below the outer ankle. And also it is an area located at the middle line of the foot between the center of the foot and the end of the heel. If you, massaging feet partner, do not overlook these magical places, then your intimate relationships, too, will turn into a fairy tale.

Use the mixture for sensual massage, erotic combine essential oils, choose what you like – a real creative, always yielding excellent results.