Angelica – 37-year-old, Bodywork therapist, beauty and health therapist,   High Priestess,  Tantra educator , CHi – ,  Reiki master, Kundalini and Tantra practitioner and Certified Instructor.  Angelica  a passionate and highly experienced , Blond  very busty with a fun amazing caring, loving personality, a  charming charisma and alluring , captivating presence. She  grew up  in the Far East of Russia . Angelica eclectic background makes her unique in the field of  instructor , coaches, Healer and bodywork and bring her  years of life experience and nature talent and gift of transmuting powerful healing energy as  In traditional (Reiki  Japanese-   is a spiritual practice , in Chinese culture qi   (also chi or ch’i) The literal translation  of “qi” is breath, air, or gas, – QI or Chi or  Prana  is the Sanskrit  word for “vital life” or Kundalini   literally means coiled. In Yoga, a “corporeal energy”  all that words is for one is about the energy therapy.     After she  moved to  Netherland Amsterdam , During this time she have trained in numerous treatments with massage therapists, healers and body and mind coache

Her Immeasurable  knowledge and amazing life experience of working in best world Spa’s , 5 star Hotels  and healing centre’s and Luxuries  Spa and Cruise Ships and residence living for 2 years in Ashrams of India and  1 year in  Spain  in he healing arts to every session. Angelica have medical background, as in  2005 I have finished Medical University for  Physiotherapy , Manual  and Beauty therapy for Cosmetology.  Her interests in  healing massage therapy  from and early age. When in  2005 she have

graduated University in  in Russia Kamchatka  Medical degree, she moved to  Ukraine Odessa.

AngelicaAngelica  have gained many years experience from working in the beauty  spa industry fame worldwide. Angelica has  trained in numerous treatments with massage therapists, beauticians, healers and body and mind coaches. As From 2007 she joyed school of Tantra and Kundalini Yoga,  in  Spain and Brazil and in India , finished a full time Tantra Teachers program. The world renowned Alegraluz Tantric Massage it was  part of this course. Sins that time Angelica qualified Tantra practitioner , sexual therapists adviser, Family and Relationship consultant.
Angelica devoted her life   to being of service to all beings so that they may attain freedom from suffering in this lifetime.
She ravel and visited  Temples in Los Angeles and San Francisco where she offer truly inspirational Tantra Bodywork and Coaching.

Angelica brings a quality of vitality, energy, joy and ceremony to her work that is unsurpassed.  Through sensual encounters she was able to access ancient memories of energy pathways within the body that could open the heart and induce altered states of consciousness. Her passion of holistic therapy, coaching and instruction has led he to her  unparalleled success in Tantra.  Her  clients are mostly repeat clientele…they enjoy making the journey to her, not only for her wisdom and personality, but for her euphoric, mystic self Self- Transcendental  Therapeutic and Sensual Experience as sessions with Angelica -is spark of the Divine .
Sins 2009 I has been a student and teacher of the sacred feminine.  Her  journey began as spiritual awakened healer long before she start practising hands of light and body work, as young girl she was helping her Great healer and  Shaman grandmother Elizabet in Kamchatka buy assisting and helping at  gathering and sermonic rituals for preforming communication with the spiritual world ( shamanism = technique of ecstas ) ,  she was    present and take great honour  and  participate in  her grandmother  practice shamanic belief and tradition, sins her childhood ANGELICA become aware of her  spirituality and sensuality.

Angelica trough her  spirituality in a circle of women, eventually becoming ordained as a High Priestess, and from there has devoted her  life to being a catalyst for transformation and for the healing of the masculine and feminine on the planet.
In a session with Angelica , you’ll discover a PRIVATE space where you can learn, touch, receive pleasure and ecstasy from your body, as the soul shows its true wonder. Your heart, head, body and physical being surrender in a way in which pure tenderness opens into an amazing journey. We focus together on the principles expressed through Tantra while we both nurture and awaken each other. We will share ourselves and surrender to each other, and experiment and learn how to receive fully without fear. Angelica will teach you how to provide a heartwarming experience for others, how to touch and receive without agenda…enjoying every moment of the interaction full of desire and at the same time free from desire.

Angelica believe Tantra should be part of your everyday life, a way of living. The openness of your mind and your heart.
We are all afraid to get hurt on the journey.. Is it worth opening doors when you are not certain what you find there?

Yes, it is. Your journey will be full of surprises perhaps, sadness, fear, doubt, but also full of love, dedication, peace, happiness and joy.

At the end of the journey it is you standing there with arms wide open, to embrace the pure you. In Tantra everything is OK and you are accepted just as you are.


( is combination of Swedish massage, Lomi-Lomi massage, Deep Tissue with a lot pressure stimulation to relax and reduce tension in shoulders and back, this massage also include Chines Meridian and Shakra Balancing system as She work with healing kundalini  energy this massage is very therapeutic and sensual healing experience)

Highly recommend




 Sensual full body Massage with ANGELICA  is combination of all massage stills and preformed with at  Tantra philosophy and   Tantric Massage  Massage way , is best experience for relaxation for body and mind we located at West London,  Angelica amazing  gifted best Massage London,  Lomi – Lomi  Massage, London Best Massage, Nude Massage London, Massage, Incall  outcall London, Paddington Massage