I am Margarita 32 , and I am Massage therapist and I have work in health , and beauty industry and give massage over 5 years I am with confident that I do best and amazing massage  services  in London and world wide as I am traveling about world and still collecting new experience and techniques for healing art of tough , as all my friends and all people with whom I come in contact say about me that I have wonderful personality , amazing charisma and attractive and charming young woman. I do feel compassion and sympathy  and is my great pleasure to share and give all my knowledge and experience as for my student and for my clients, as after long working as beauty , massage and healing therapist world wide  experience of live I have developed great ability to make you feel happy and relax beautiful as you are.

I am positive energy and I do work on your deeper energy  level which bring  for  your body balance.

My  Tantric Massage  Therapy session combination of very  healing tantric , sensual and erotic massage technique but also profound and intensive  therapeutic healing experience, I use my over 5 years experience as  beauty and massage therapist with  wide knowledge massage techniques  as  Swedish with deep tissue and  Pressure Points Massage of Shiatsu with Chines Meridian Massage  and  Aromatherapy Massage with Ayurvedic Marma Massage  .

From  long experience I confidently  developed  magic touch and highly trained hands in order for you to feel the true exquisite benefits of a highly sensual massage experience.

My philosophy which  I have developed  for beauty and holistic healing, well being makes our cells smile, with my special technical of a healing massage therapy which combines my experience with my nature gifts of empathy and healing. For those seeking balance, bliss and relaxation or those wishing to be free from discomfort in there bodies which causes a lack of vital energy,  highly recommend a prescription body massage treatment tailor made to meet all your needs.

I  offer massage treatments which can help to  relief from the following numerous alignments including: tension, headaches, neck pain, frozen shoulders, back pain, tiredness and stress. I have developed my own special technical of a healing massage therapy which combines our experience with our nature gifts of empathy and healing more information

Tantric Massage Therapist  London W2