Sensual Kundalini Massage

Posted by Angelika under Sensual Massage News on Thursday May 20, 2010

Sensual Kundalini Massage, After over 10 years practicing massage therapy and with the experience we developed amazing gifts of healing and we do massage with amazing non describable joyful energy, of cause you ask what is it The Kundalini?

And I would like to explain to you what is it Kundalini  massage is, but i am afraid it would be not correct to explain in words what is Kundalini Massage mean, I will say what are people say about Kundalini massage   technique, but it is the same like, I can describing  how tasty is this ice cream, but until you will not try your self you will do not understated the sensation and taste in your mouth and not will  have satisfying feeling in your stomach. OK I will try to in short say  about Kundalini massage    and what is combines a variety of scientifically and empirically developed massage techniques and uses the Kundalini Energy to heal deep parts of energy blocks caused by stress and past traumas that are stored in the deeper tissue of the body.

The massage therapist who has learned how to prepare with a very deep connection using the great method of Ulterior Kundalini Healing applies the Sensual Kundalini massage technique. To best facilitate healing, I am will be working with the intention of positively affecting health and well-being. The techniques include holding, causing movement, and/or applying pressure through stroking the body in a series of actions that are systematic and rhythmic in nature.

Sensual Massage in London it is Touch.  Music.  Beauty.  Love. Every experience that stirs the heart and soul is actually a bridge between the sensory and the supra sensory: A loving look, a harmonious melody, a fragrant flower, warm gentle touch,

– They all stimulate a sense

It would seem that the profound spiritual event that would be intimate and resonant, without needing to relay on a spectacular display of fireworks.
Human touch, gentle sensual massage is like breathing or eating or dancing.
Sensual Massage is deep relaxing sensual experience which are very gentle relaxing massage, we know that it must have happened continuously throughout history, but it is almost impossible to get an accurate idea of precisely what was being done.
Physical pleasure is a sensual experience no different from pure seeing or the pure sensation with which a fine fruit fills the tongue; it is a great unending experience, which is given us, a knowing of the world, the fullness and the glory of all knowing…
The Human being is a very complex organism. We a physical body, an emotional response, an intellect and a spiritual aspect. We cannot ignore any one of these four elements. If we try to we are less than complete, less then perfect, less then whole. We need to look after our body, exercise it, and feed it well and properly. We need to recognize our emotions, enjoy them, experience them, enrich and enhance them. Our intellect needs to be stimulated, challenged, expanded, increased and worked. Our spirituality needs to be expressed, nurtured and incorporated into our daily lives. If we try to cut out any one of these aspects we can make ourselves seriously ill or depressed.
Human happiness involves a constant search for an expression of these elements, a way of bringing them into harmony with each other, of utilizing them and improving them. Often that happiness fails if we ignore any of these aspects. The intellectual will denigrate emotional responses. The emotional type will neglect their mental powers. The athlete will fail to recognize the enormous power of their mind.

The spiritual person will try to deny their physical body. Each will have a less then satisfactory relationship, by uniting; by implementing a holistic approach can we truly rise higher, and attain perfection. Sensual Massage is a unique way of achieving this perfection Sensual Tantric Massage attempts to:

STIMULATE the intellect by research study and education?

ROUSE the emotions by increasing satisfaction and pleasure?

ENCOURAGE and promote spiritual development and growth?

Sensual Kundalini Massage is for anyone who genuinely wants to know how to make their spiritual and sexual live better and to change the focus of sex, sexual from an unconscious pleasure-based one to a conscious spiritual-based one. But within that spiritually based focus there is also plenty of room for increasing pleasure

Sensual Massage in London experience will improve your:

-Feelings of sexual experience and technique?

– You will have more control over your life?

-Have more fun and pleasure?

– Unite your with your sexuality and spirituality?

– Improve your emotional responses?

– Encourage and stimulate your intellectual approach to sensual life matters?

– Give you more understanding about sexuality and sensuality?

Tantric Sensual Massage which we perform in our centre is it about experiencing the energy – sexual sensual energy if you like – that we can moving within us, recharging, enervating, powering and vitalizing us.

This energy- known as KUNDALINI by Hindus – is what we are setting out to experience, to know, to bring forth and enjoy. What we are seeking to do is unite the sexual energy with the spiritual energy, simultaneously. There may be other ways of doing this but the experiencing Sensual Kundalini Massage in our center is very amazing gentle, easy, enjoyable, pleasurable and healing experience.

It is work you feel immediately after first treatment clarity peace and blissful sensation in your mind and body

– Improves sexual performance and the spirituality is enhanced?

-You will go a long way towards achieving that perfection, that total holistic union of the mind body, spirit and emotions