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Sensual Massage  services which we provide is a massage treatments which are deep relaxing Sensual  Experience our treatments   maximizing  pleasure and Intimacy by-Unleashing The Power of Touch

Could countless generations be wrong when they cultivated the art of body massage, developing it as a means of physical medicine for the body and a powerful relaxing experience for the mind?

New ways of providing sensual massage to a body had also been developed in ancient cultures around the world as they cultivated massage as a form of medicine and healing for the well being of a person’s mind and body.

The human mind and body are constantly exposed to stress, and as we know stress dulls the mind and senses. It is simply – sensory overload and the and mind and body shut down to compensate. By taking the time  for your self to experiencing Sensual Massage or  Kundalini Massage ot Tantric Massage  at our studio  you will feeling to envelope your  body with amazing sensations and discovering  how you could reduce  stress levels , lift mood, create a sizzling sensual erotic experience, give incredible pleasure, and induce a state of the deepest relaxation. All while exploring every inch of your body.


Within this deep and profound relaxation – touch, pleasure, intimacy, sensuality and arousal were all increased 10, 20, 50x over.

I’m sure you’ll amazed of Sensual  Massage experience and , that physical and emotional pleasure is a wonderful conduit to relaxation, great health, glow, vitality and intimacy. The exploration of new ideas and the expansion of the mind is what makes us grow. New experiences give us the opportunities to add to the quality and depth of our lives.

Sensual massage is something that more and more man and woman are discovering as a way to not only relax, but to find the joys and highs of being intimate with someone they love and trust through an sensual erotic massage. In the Tantric Texts, it is specified that sex has three distinct and separate purposes; procreation, pleasure and liberation.

It says that those who want to seek liberation must forget the orgasm for a higher form of ecstasy. Throughout the texts, many sexual rituals are recommended and they involve elaborate and meticulous preparations. This is because the act of Tantra involves balancing energies within the panic ida and pin-gala channels of the body. During the act of tantra, the subhuman nadi is awakened and the kundalini rises within it. When this happens, everything culminates in Samadhi where the individuals are completely dissolved in the unity of cosmic consciousness. Now what does this have to do with this Kundalini massage,
Well, to understand what this  Sensual   Massage,  Sensual Kundalini  massage is, you need to understand what  Tantra massage is.

In Tantric massages, it is important to stress the need to relax, slow down and admire every inch of the body. It is important to understand that this massage is not only for pleasure, but it has several health benefits for the man and  woman, including stress-reduction. When the man has suffered through a long day of work and needs a way to unwind, there is no better way than this. Through the Sensual massage, stress can decrease greatly and feelings of well-being and pleasure will overwhelm the body. As many doctors will tell you, this is a great way to help heal the body as the human body heals much better when it is happy, rather than depressed, stressed or sad.

–  If  you are  looking for that magic ingredient to take your love making to a new level?

–  If you frustrated with the bedroom etiquette – and want more pleasure, intimacy, excitement, sensuality and eroticism? (and no – it is not the same thing as having sex!)

– Do you desire to be a great lover?

-And be expert of the  body? The feelings and touches ?

– Do you want to feel real intimacy, experience healing touch, and deepen the love and communication you have – or would like to have – for your partner?

–  Do you know how to get your lover – mind, body and soul, to crave your essence?

Yes with the treatments which we provide in Sensual Massage in London Center you will learning how to feel those sensual feelings , How to bring awareness about your sensual kundalini energy

You will learning appreciate you body and receiving great pleasure from Sensual Massage in London.

You will be Learning to be aware of your breathing

Learning to see sexuality as spiritual and removing guilt from sexuality.

You will be Learning you are the source of your own pleasure and honoring yourself.

You will be identify as Peace  -Beauty- Love. Bliss is Eternal, even though it appears to arise when the mind quiet.bliss is not an experience , it is your nature. You will Learning to create the “sacred” space and time to have the sex and relationship you want.

You will Learning communication skills as they apply to sexuality and the spiritual experience .

You will Learning how to get connected with your bodily experiences again and making them new.

Getting in shape so you can be comfortable with you self and your partner.

You will Learning about your Chakras (”energy organs”) and becoming aware of prana (”universal life force”)

You will feel amazing powerful  Channeling energy up the “Inner flute” or chakra path to achieve ecstasy

Taking the time to know about your body and sexual sensations.

The Sensual   Massage or Sensual  Kundalini massage will be done with loving caring hands and hot oil it is also combing our experience and all technique together which makes this amazing sensual massage with long gentle entourages like weaves in the sea , and flowing with total energy, using the long continuous, flowing strokes, combined with the very loving touch, The massage is given in fluid, rhythmic motion using the forearms as well as the hands. and alternate kneading treatment techniques very unique, gentle , soft and it give deep relaxing for man and woman, relaxation from toes to toe. Instead a great emphasis seems to be on learning to accept pleasure and not feel guilty. This may be very useful if someone has a lot of shame issues, but since I don’t it rather annoyed me to read it was okay all the time.

I wanted to scream out, “Well of COURSE it is okay!”

If you do have a belief in Chakras (as I do) then it is really important to understand they are much like our other organs. Would you do something that would involve altering your kidneys without knowing the dangers? I don’t think so. Here we advocating doing all sorts of work with your Chakras without any concept of what can go wrong or how to correct it if it does.

If you harm yourself it can have very devastating and long lasting or possibly permanent results that could potentially destroy your ability to feel a lot of pleasure at all. Kundalini a particular type of ecstasy in tantra in which you basically become  one with the universal energy. Learning to be aware of your breathing. Learning to see sexuality as spiritual and removing guilt from sexuality. Learning you are the source of your own pleasure and honoring yourself, all this you can do by us.

Sensual massage in London , we look forward to meet you at our place we also do out calls 075-9002-9003 Bayswater road W2

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