Why is Sensual massage?

Many clients visiting massage first, asked the question: Maybe I better take advantage of sex service?

First, we do not compete with similar institutions. We do NOT SEX SERVICES , NOT SEX INTOURCOUSE WILL BE INVOLVE ,  WE PROVIDE NOT  SEXUAL SERVICES.


We do not provide the services of Escorts and there is no intercourse involved.


full contact does not guarantee protection from the vast number of sexually

transmitted diseases, even in the presence of standard means of contraception.
Also Some customers are experiencing discomfort and feel nervous  but coming to massage service and giving himself to not  skillful hands beautiful masseuse, they overexcited and go home with the weight of the body.

Do not worry, in our salon you will leave with a sense of positivity and satisfaction of absolute relaxation  rejuvenation, 100% guaranty we are professional and very experienced massage and body therapists, you will be amazed with blissful and harmonies sensation  of your body and mind.

For achieving  best  relaxation In  Sensual  massage in London for best enjoyable experience we like to pre-arm  you with tricks:

Q: What are the most important things you expect of me during our meetings?
A: Good hygiene is a must. Please arrive clean and smelling fresh. A shower is also available for you at my

InCall locations( Bayswater ,  Lancaster Gate , Padington , Queensway ).

* Please arrive on time. We typically schedule our entire day’s events around our time together.  Arriving late may cause a domino effect upon my other plans and engagements and may result in us needing to reschedule our date for another time or day.

* Please be discreet when entering my InCall  ( Bayswater , Padington , Queensway ) location. Speak softly and refrain from drawing attention to us and/or disturbing my neighbours.

* Please respect our personal limitations. My safety is paramount, as should yours be. Do not suggest that we engage in any unsafe acts, no matter what the test results currently read for both parties.

* Our rates are firm and non-negotiable. Please do not insult me by requesting a discount.  Haggling will not be tolerated. Additionally, We do not offer “birthday breaks” or newbie/first-time deals.

Please refrain from scheduling with me if you use illegal substances or libido enhancing drugs. we prefer us both to experience our  Tantric  Massage Treatment  from a lucid, sober and natural state of mind.

A lot depends on your emotional mood . We do not often come across situations where a visitor,  being in the doldrums – the port to all the girls mood. In any case Sensual massage in London  tries to adhere  the policy:  Customer – is always right! “Except for one thing that masseuse – also a human being, and for  productive efficiency and maximize your enjoyment, it is desirable to observe common courtesy that must pay back the feeling. Moral of the above: Try to leave your problems behind of our salon, and we in turn try to help forget about them altogether. Olso, in a pleasurable massage, a not insignificant role played by your physical condition, especially the amount of alcohol consumed.


we look forward to pamper you with our best massage treatments

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